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Modern concept for old design ideas!CREA-renovation; complete real estate asnwers

CREA renovations is happy to announce a new idea to the old interior design concept.

Hire us for one week. We will meet twice during that week to;

1) to evaluate your project to determine your needs and wants.

2) introduce the new concept for your renovation, design or room make over.

3) we will advise on colors, furniture selection and scale, as well as fabric design and textures.

4) we will introduce you to our world of vendors who will further handle your project.

After this, we step down and you become the manager for your project, where you will be responsible for all purchases and coordination with vendors. This enables you to design the room you want for the budget you can afford, while having fun being your own project designer.

We offer this at the low affordable price of $1,000/week.

In addition, we are also able to provide extended designer services at a negotiable fee.

For 14 years we have been providing home renovation related services. From a small room spruce up & groom projects to renovations – we do it all. We can pool local resources for you or we can search nationally just for the right pieces for  you and for your particular taste and for your budget too.

Please contact us for references and pricings.

Contact C.R.E.A.


Phone: +1 203 858 6727

Complete Real Estate Answers, Inc.
453 Webbs Hill Road
Stamford, CT 06903

Nana G. Smith, Proprietor

Web & Blog: (you are here)

A quick guide to help with decision for remodeling/renovations.

What are the returns on home remodeling and renovation projects?

  • Steel entry door returns more than 100%
  • Garage doors return 83%
  • Siding returns 80%
  • $20,000 kitchen upgrade returns 72.8%
  • New windows return 72.4%
  • Attic renovations return 72.2%
  • Basement remodels return 70%
  • $58,000 kitchen remodel only retains 68.7%
  • Sunroom additions recoup only 48.6%
  • Backup power generators, 48.5%
  • Home office remodels 45.8%.

Important considerations:

  • Are  you planning on staying in the house and doing renovation for your own enjoyment
  • Are you planning to sell

Or, contact C.R.E.A. for more information, using this form:


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