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If you have gotten to this page than I must assume that you have given some thought to making changes to your real estate business.  I am excited about what I am doing and just want to share it with everyone. I promise I am not going to sell you something at the end of this page.  I just want to open your eyes to something different and exciting.

How Are You Running Your Business Now

Think about how you do business now.  Do you find that you spend more time working from home than you do from broker’s office?  Most agents have adapted that concept as a way to eliminate the cost of desk fees and other fees charged by their firm.   My question is has your broker increased your commission split since you are not using his resources?  Probably not.

We are independent contractors in our industry.  Unfortunately many agents don’t adapt that reality well enough.  Instead they hold on to a firm with the hope that the name, or referrals from that company will sustain them in the business.

It’s Up To You To Generate Your Own Business

Truth of the matter is that you are an independent contractor which means that it is up to you to generate your own business.  Years ago when the industry was booming it was great going to the office and catching a few calls, getting some stray leads.  It is different now.  We need to generate our own business and most brokers, even large firms are lost with how to teach their agents ways to do that. That’s why we are seeing more and more firms, even big name companies, close their doors.  The agents are left floundering around trying to find a place to hang their license and learn new ways to generate income.  Most of them move their license from one sinking ship to another.

Let me introduce you to eXp Realty.   eXp Realty is the first fully immersive 3D virtual real estate company.  Don’t get caught up in the name.  Who really knows what Re/Max means, what ERA stands for.  I am sure Prudential was a funny name at first.  Most people thought it was insurance, which it still is.  And why would someone name a real estate company Exit?


eXp Realty is not a bricks and mortar real estate company.  It is totally virtual.  Which means that your office is anywhere your computer is.  You training is done in a virtual theater or another location at the virtual office, and might I add, the training is excellent.  Even after 13 years in the business I am able to learn new and exciting ways to generate business and advance myself in todays technology.


The training is held by some of the top agents in the country.  Our CEO, Glen Sanford, was the #49 top agent in the country with Keller Williams.  You won’t get training from someone with that experience at the traditional office.  Most of the time those people are reluctant to share there ideas knowing that you are competing with them.  Not at eXp.  We are all interested in your success, because when you succeed we all succeed.  The good news – all the training is free and available 24/7.

We are a company built by Top Agents for Top Agents
Who are recruiting and training future Top Agents.

Our web site and it’s hosting is free.  Even better than that is the site is also designed for free.  You will go online and get one on one training in real time at your virtual office and get all the assistance you need to build your site and also learn ways to make it SEO friendly. Do you get that now?  Probably not.  Chances are you had to pay someone to design your site and now are paying a monthly fee to keep it on line.  Not at eXp.  Along with web development there are free weekly training classes to continue to helping you make your site more visible to search engines.

This is my web site that you are on right now.   LOOK AROUND

What Got My Interestrevenue-share-calculator1

The training is great, the web site excellent and the people are extremely helpful and concerned about my success, but what got my interest to research more about the company was the Revenue Share Program.

As you know our industry lacks something very important. There is no exit strategy.  When we no longer wish to sell homes, or no longer can, the income stops.  That has always stayed in the back of my mind ever since I started selling real estate.

With the Revenue Share Program eXp offers that isn’t the case.  The income continues when you decide to retire, get ill or just decide to call it quits.  Take a little time to play with the Revenue Share Calculator. You are going to find, as I did, that this program is unmatched in the industry.  There are other companies that have made attempts to design programs like this but all fall short.  With eXp’s Revenue Share Program the income in limitless.

If you take a look at just working with only a small number of agents and they do the same, you are going to see, as I did, that you can make just as much income from the revenue share program as you can by traditional real estate sales.

Additional Income Streams

So eXp give us an opportunity to have another income stream.  What a blessing that is during these times in our industry when sales are down and the market is still flat.  With eXp you can offer real estate agents across the country the same opportunity.  As we know, not all markets are struggling and with that in mind you can see how having enough agents in your business you can continue to generate income no matter what the market is doing.

I am sure some of you are thinking that the commission split you have now is higher than what is offered by eXp and you feel you may be taking a cut in income.  Keep in mind I owned my company, so my split was 100% plus I earned the splits from my agents.  I saw the potential to surpass that income level just by building my business in another way.  Take a look at the Revenue Share Calculator again.  This money is above and beyond your commissions.  There is just no match.

Just a few highlights

80/20 Split
Low Cap
No Franchise Fee
No desk Fee
Free CRM, eFax, Website, Paperless Platform
24/7 access to continuous training

You can hit this logo to review a slide presentation.
It will probably answer many of your questions.

There is way too much information to share in this text.  The easy way to explain to you what eXp has to offer is for us to meet in the virtual world and let me show you around.

Let me invite you into my office.  You are going to love what you see.

Call me direct or you can go this this link and contact me directly.

(203) 858-6727 – Direct Line




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