How to Built Your Real Estate Bussines

CompleteREA, Crea, Complete Real Esatate Answers, Inc.Becoming an established name in the real estate industry is a tough road to go down, but the best in the business know exactly how to market themselves and find clients. For those that are just starting out, however, it can be challenging to build that same network of potential listings.

Even so, there are a number of ways a professional can find success in real estate. At its core, the job is about getting these listings – and that is achieved via relationships. Nothing is more frustrating than having a possible client decide to go work with a competitor, but thankfully this scenario can be avoided with a few simple steps and a smart plan.

In order to get started, here is how real estate agents often lose clients, and a few recommendations to prevent that from happening again:

  1. Never lose touch with clients
  2. Always be on the lookout for clients

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And here are few tips which I learned when I stared my real estate career:

  • Always wear your Realtors’ pin. Make it attractive and unusual looking. It will become a subject of conversation and once a conversation has started, a connection has been made.
  • Have a very small mailing list (no more than 100 names), to start your marketing, but do it repeatedly, once every 6 weeks.
  • Use holidays to softly market yourself as a “knock on the door.”  Scenario; It’s the Fourth of July, you knock on the door, while holding a small potted flower with the American flag sticking out of the pot, along with your business card, who wouldn’t want that?!
  • Learn and master your elevator speeches to present yourself as quickly and self-assured as possible.
  • Newbies, if you’re asked: “How long have you been in business?”- There is always a true answer: “Seems like forever!”  Try it
  • Do not be afraid to try, to be creative nor to be different – there is no failure, just experiences.

Share with us what is or was your experience in starting your real estate career?

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